We have a specialized team compact and results-oriented digital marketing specialists:

Today the site is an essential element for any company as it represents the first point of contact with the customer on the Internet. In EJEPE® our web designers combine functionality, design and good taste when it comes to design and develop your website.

In EJEPE® we create the best campaigns on the web to publicize your business massively and effectively.

It is necessary for each company to create a campaign that is commensurate to their services and products. So in EJEPE®, we analyze and seek which is the most appropriate. Search campaigns (adverts in Google results) or display campaigns (banners on websites).

In EJEPE® we offer the possibility of arming paid advertising campaigns on social networks. So we seek to reach a mass communication to greater market share.

We know that one to one communication via email: news, promotions, activities and invitations, in newsletters and flyers shipments is the best strategy for customer loyalty. So in EJEPE®, we designed the piece, we send periodic mailings to their own databases *, monitor shipments and perform the analysis of the results studied in detail the amount of opening, clicks, forwards, etc.

Positioning SEM methodologies

Search engines
Search engines are constantly changing so it is important to stay current with all the changes in the digital world.

Meta Tags
Meta tags for each section of the website are optimized. Both the title and description must be unique and relevant to that section. Always including the selected keywords and maximum characters.

The content of the website must be optimized with the selected keywords. Ideally, the text is creative, unique and interesting to the user.


Corporate Website + online shop with
iOS or Android adaptation

Corporate website with adaptation
iOS or Android

+ Google
+ Checking positioning
stress on our system EJELDAD

+Positioning Campaign on Google.
+Checking EJELOAD stress on our system
+Promotion Campaign in up to 2 social networks.
+Email Marketing campaign.
+Statistics Campaign

+General Survey Marketing
+ positioning
Web in Google. + Stress testing EJELOAD our system.
+ Site Promotion with online prublicidad up to 5 social networks.
Email Marketing campaigns up to 5 year.

* You adapt digital marketing servicesaccording
to your needs. |Quote your plan here |

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