EJESIG is a tool developed by EJEPE® control activities of company officials, seeking continuous improvement of internal business processes. Used to keep track of tasks performed by the members in their projects more easily and dynamically.

Certifies the accuracy and reliability of all your documents. . AXIS VERIFY tool is a powerful tool that allows companies working in the financial sector or good, are devoted to file and protect confidential documents, verifying the accuracy and reliability of your documents.

Measures and evaluates the performance under load and estrés.EJELOAD® guidelines to measure and assess the performance under load and stress guidelines for web applications, web servers, application servers and database servers. No need to replicate the production environment. Ensuring security, confidentiality and connections information management.

It's the best online payment solution that can be found on the market. Based webservice for non-contact sales (Online Payment) that lets you send the trade data and the value of the sale to the authorization service purchases Authorizing network on which is inscribed the trade using payment methods such as credit card connector or debit card.

Control and monitor the life cycle of a project QA. Suite T-Plan has 25 years of maturation, focused on Project Management and Life Cycle Test, where T-Plan Robot Enterprise extra to have the effectiveness of a traditional robot functional test solution , specializes in all Internet Browsers, Operating Systems Computers, Mobile Devices, Compare Images, Video Games, among others.

It is a tool that integrated design expertise Click and Art and experience in digital engineering EJEPE to offer websites with full support to enable businesses to reap the benefits of e-commerce through the integration of our different types digital marketing.


Who are we?

We are a consulting firm and technology consultancy with over 6 years experience in the different economic sectors, where we make diagnoses and solutions tailored to each client.

What we do?

We provide our strategic processes and Transverse Integral Consulting or Project Management, Custom Software, QA and Documentation (Functional and Technical).

How we make a difference

•Experience in Migration, Integration and Implementation of Software.
•Research, Development and Innovation (i+d+i).
•Commercial Long-term relationship.
•Custom, specialized and tailored to the need of Customer Services.

Our Services.

A software developed to your needs. We develop and implement software tailored according to specific customer needs, use best practices for the improvement and evaluation process, always giving solutions to our clients by being strategic allies with RUP methodology that supports our processes through analysis, design , implementation and documentation of project-oriented systems.

software development.

Control from start to finish their technology projects. Technology is a fundamental part of large companies and it is important for the optimization of IT resources and processes, our methodologies and tools have given us the experience and growth, to become experts in consulting using best practices such as

consulting and project management.

Our knowledge and experience has been applied to develop processes and tools that facilitate the implementation of models for technical and functional documentation. We model the software or existing information system (layout and object-oriented modeling) facilitating their programmers step improvement of a software. We do this out by reverse engineering software.

document management

We are a QA (Quality Assurance) outsourcing, relying on different methodologies and quality assurance tools we carry out tests Automation; Functional Testing Functional and NO; Load testing and stress. Management environments or versions; Tests on different Mobile Applications, Operating Systems, Games. Resulting in time optimization vs. Results.

quality assurement.



Partnership for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer in Children, is a Colombian non-profit organization, which for 26 years has been devoted to accompany the child with cancer and their families in the diagnosis and comprehensive care of the disease, the medical, psychological, and social.
Within the government's plans there is a big bet, get to a zero state paper, a green initiative and necessary. We currently have sufficient technological tools in order to reduce paper usage to a minimum, not only in the state but also in the private sector.
Advertising, of course, could not remain indifferent to the changes under other sectors and is currently undergoing a profound transformation due to not only the Internet, but the overall scanning process and the changes that are affecting traditional media. In addition to providing ecological and environmental assistance to our planet.

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